Jessica Hische

Enfocada, principalmente, en la pintura y en el diseño textil, esta artista francesa fue una de las fundadoras del prestigioso colectivo Memphis. Suyos son los diseños de infinidad de muebles y textiles que hicieron célebre este movimiento de diseño posmoderno.

"For over ten years I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with amazing clients—creating custom lettering artwork for established brands, classic books, postage stamps, and so much more. I've travelled the world speaking at creative conferences and colleges, and I've befriend innumerable internet strangers while navigating the depths of social media. I cut my creative teeth in Philadelphia and Brooklyn, but I'm currently based in California where I share a studio with fellow lettering artist Erik Marinovich in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. When I’m not drafting letterforms, manipulating beziers, writing kids books, or letterpressing on my Vandercook, I’m doing my best to help others find the same happiness and fulfillment that I’ve found in my work."